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Cuisine Innovation brings its scientific expertise to assist the innovative projects.

We work with our customers on research projects, culinary concepts or problems that they wish
to solve. We offer our customers to supervise their research on their sites, or to externalize
their research on our laboratory

We answer your requestimplementing the following actions:

  • Discussion, exchange to formulate clearly the question(s) and to define clear goals,
    using a common vocabulary.
  • Tests on your site to get to know the recipe, the process or the equipment causing
    the technological problem and thus visualise all the aspects of the problem (this step
    is mandatory to allow working in collaboration afterwards).
  • New tests conducted jointly on your site.
  • Tests conducted by Cuisine Innovation: if no technological answer could be found
    on the site, new tests will be carried in our laboratory.
  • Reporting in details of all the tests carried out and the conclusions to which they led.
    This report describes the appropriate technological answer as well as the tests conducted.
    It allows you to further enrich your knowledge on the subject, and eventually imagine new

Nous vous proposons :

  • occasional consulting
  • long term consulting

Contact us at 09 52 13 78 69 or by email:
  azote liquide
Anne Cazor et Christèle Gendre – Azote liquide


Documentary film
A director (Caroline Hocquart) made a documentary (52 minutes) about molecular gastronomy and applications. It will be broadcasted the 23th of February 2013 on ENCYCLO.
It makes part of Mag de la Science.
She follows Cuisine Innovation's team for 2 days working on technology research to prepare dishes for elderly people and collaborating with David Zuddas (a chef).

Natur’IAA 2012
Clean label is a permanent asking from our clients when they give us their requirements for new products formulations. Cuisine Innovation participated to the Natur’IAA seminar the 6th of November 2012 in Bourg en Bresse. Relative to the clean label, contributions explained different strategies to develop clean label and bio products.

Food group – Expert panel 2012
Cuisine Innovation have been invited to participate to a workshop the 5th of June 2012, with other European experts, in Amsterdam. The purpose of this panel was to bring together a diverse group of thought leaders to map what the future world of food and nutrition might look like in ten years, given the trends and uncertainties we are facing today.
  Tournage Mag de la Science David Zuddas and Anne Cazor – Documentary film

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