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Cuisine Innovation is a company carrying research, consulting and training activities in culinary technologies. Cuisine Innovation is also a company selling innovative products: precision equipments, molecular cooking sets, texture agents, etc.

The company is directed by Dr. Anne Cazor, graduated in food-processing engineering and holding a doctorate in molecular gastronomy (obtained under the supervision of Hervé This). Cuisine Innovation's positioning is this of the culinary technology, at the interface between molecular gastronomy (a scientific area) and the technique.

Our goals:

  • to share our knowledge in molecular gastronomy,
  • to provide technological and/or scientific assistance,
  • to help improving quality, security, and environmental care.

We offer the professionals:

We offer the amateurs:

Our customers:

  • chefs in France and abroad,
  • the food processing industries and the manufacturers of household electrical appliances,
  • catering industry offering food items with modified textures,
  • all people interested in new techniques and scientific knowledge.

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