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Cuisine Innovation has its own research centre specialised
in culinary technologies(working on textures, sensory analysis, etc.)

The laboratory allows us to answer the specific questions of our customers in term of culinary innovation. The company is also carrying there its own research, with, among others, the following directions: textures, physico-chemical mechanisms involved in the preparation of food.
Thus, we deepen our scientific knowledge to offer our customers new creative axes for their products, the menus of their restaurants, etc.While carrying this process of research, we identify new needs in term of kitchen equipment and offer new kitchen utensils.
  Rotavapor Aurélie Legrand at SIAL with a Rotavapor Buchi

Nitrogen liquid fountain

Preparing ice cream, coating products at the moment, etc., thanks to nitrogen liquid.
With the intention of security and practical, Elisabeth Rubin (designer) and Anne Cazor have manufactured a fountain for nitrogen liquid use. This fountain is composed by a transparent protection, by a 12L tank and by a foot control. For more information contact us:


Sensorial perception of yogurts 2012
In relation with research on texture and aroma release, Cuisine Innovation participated on a scientific day on sensorial perception on yogurts, the 6th of December in paris. Several communications occurred :
• Pascal Schich (CSGA) : Sensorial analysis tools
• Françoise Vienot (CNRS) : Color and translucence
• Anne Saint-Eve (INRA) : Release and perception of aromas
• Annick Faurion (CNRS) : Taste components
• Camille Michon (INRA) : Texture and consistency

Sports workshop 2012
Next to a isotonic drink development and to clients asking of a sport products, Cuisine Innovation participate to a workshop called “Food, performance, and recovery : from evaluation to labelisation”, the 11th of October 2012 in Dijon.
This workshop on sport nutrition is in coherence with Cuisine Innovation’s proactiv approach. Innovation ways and new potential market bring out of this workshop.
  liquid nitrogen fountain Anne Cazor at SIAL with the liquid nitrogen fountain Déliza

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